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LLOG Exploration Office Park

 Type of Property: 105,000 sf Class A Office Building
 Development Size: 23.50 Acres
 Location: Covington, Louisiana
 Type of Project: Office Park was built on behalf of LLOG Exploration to become their new Corporate Headquarters.
 Development Date: Completed in April 2009

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Brookstone Park Apartments


 Type of Property: 240 Unit Class A Luxury Apartment
 Development Size: 14.68 Acres
 Location: Covington, Louisiana
 Type of Project: $24 million multi-family development
 Development Date: Completed in December 2011.

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Stone Creek Club and Spa

 Type of Property: 53,000 foot Athletic Club.
 Development Size: 23.50 Acres
 Location: Covington, Louisiana
 Type of Project: Upscale health club featuring full service day spa, indoor basketball gym, top of the line fitness equipment, restaurant and bar, 25 meter lap pool, recreational pool, and 12 tennis courts.
 Development Date: Completed in July 2009

Bradford Row
 Type of Property: Multifamily
 Number of Units: 64
 Location: Mandeville, Louisiana
 Type of Project: Condo Conversion
 Acquisition Date: October 2002
 Acquisition Highlights: Purchased for $50,000 per unit
 Holding Period: 4 years
 Investment Highlights: Units listed for $109,000 after upgrades
 IRR: 40.40%
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Hillcrest Apartments

 Type of Property: Multifamily
 Number of Units: 140
 Location: Mobile, Alabama
 Type of Project: Value-Add
 Acquisition Date: October 2003
 Acquisition Highlights: $2,000 per unit upgrade completed after purchase
 Holding Period: 3 years
 Investment Highlights: Market sale resulted in 40% appreciation
 IRR: 41.83%
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Palmetto Apartments
 Type of Property: Multifamily
 Number of Units: 124
 Location: New Orleans, LA
 Type of Project: Tax Credit Rentals
 Acquisition Date: November 2004
 Acquisition Highlights: Purchased utilizing $3.14M in tax-exempt bonds, $1.8M in Low Income Housing Tax Credits, a $1M City of New Orleans Loan, and a $550,000 lead paint abatement grant
 Holding Period: Still operating.  Plan to hold until 2021
 InvestmentHighlights:  Currently 100% occupied and realizing maximum LIHTC  rents.
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 Type of Property: Multifamily
 Number of Units: 60
 Location: Mandeville, Louisiana
 Type of Project: Apartment Rentals to a Condo Conversion
 Acquisition Date: August 2002
 Acquisition Highlights: $10,000 per unit upgrades completed after purchase
 Holding Period: Currently 73% sold
 Investment Highlights: Anticipating $6.8M in gross proceeds after remaining units are sold
 IRR: 40-50% (estimated return after all units are sold)
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Plantation Apartment Homes

 Type of Property: Multifamily
 Number of Units: 160
 Location: Tunica, Mississippi
 Type of Project: Market Rate Rental
 Development Date: 2000-2001
 Development Highlights: Developed at a cost of $40,625 per unit.
 Holding Period: Sold in 2006
 Investment Highlights: Sold for $7.8 million.
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4141 Veterans Blvd

 Type of Property: Commercial Office Space
 Location: Metairie, Louisiana
 Square Footage: 38,000 sq./ft., two building complex
 Acquisition Date: August 2007
 Acquisition Highlights: Made extensive interior and exterior upgrades after acquisition
 Investment Highlights: Currently 99% leased at increased rent rates.
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